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Friday, 10 June 2011


PakCikk ! Maaf ann MakCikk ! tauu kitee salah . SALAH BESAR ! Tapi makcik merayuu maff an mak cikk ! TOLONGLAH ! SORRY sangat sangat . Sbb makcik dh uat pakcik terlukaa . SORRRRRYYYYY ! MakCikk tak tau ar nak ckp apee gii . Sekarang makcik mintak maaf jee . MakCIk sampaii menangiss auwww . PLEASE maafkan makciikkk ! Bilik baru jee tadi kemas sekarang dh macam KANDANGBAB* daa . I'm beggin' you dear ! Forgive my mistakes :'( . It's all my faults . My MISTAKES ! But PLEASE , i had nothin' to sayy , just hoping a forgiveness from you . NOBODY PERFECT in this world . Everybody had their own mistakes . REALLY REALLY SORRY . Now ? you'd blocked me . I can't do anything . Okay , kalau tu yg pakcik nak . GO ON with your life . Hope you happy :') Just forget mee . I'm not important in your life . I'm just ruin your life . Hope someday u can meet another girl to keep her in your heart . For the girl * always make him happy . Treat him as well as you can . Do whatever he asked you to do . *

Ewaan , always be happy fo me okey ? take care :') 

I'll be always keep your in my heart . Thanks for everythings . 

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